Remote Work Mistakes to Avoid, From Someone Who Has Done It for 10 Years

Remote employment is here to stay. Introduced to the masses during the coronavirus pandemic, there’s increasing evidence that remote employment will soon become a very common way to earn a living. While this can be great news for people with long commutes or demanding home lives, it’s still important that you approach working from home with the right mindset – and, yes, you could probably stand to tweak a few things, even one year into working from home! Here are 3 tips to keep in mind from Tom Popomaronis, a tech entrepreneur who’s been working remotely for a decade.

Not having a dedicated workspace.

Are you still working from your couch? Aside from the pain that’s undoubtedly caused your back and shoulders, this is a no-no, if you want to be productive. This is especially true if you’ve been clocking your hours from your bed! While remote employment does technically give you the freedom to work from wherever the best employees will invest in a basic office chair and clear-off space on their dining room table or spare bedroom for work. This will keep you engaged and primed for work.

“Going dark” and failing to communicate with others.

Everyone has slow days, but if you want to kill it in your remote position, you’ll want to make sure that you never “go dark,” or disappear behind your email inbox or chat window. It may feel strange at first but get in the habit of regularly checking in with your co-workers and supervisors. Ask for feedback, provide status updates, or simply check-in to see how your peers are doing. A little bit of communication can go a long way in aiding your work relationships and the reputation you have on the job.

Forgetting about your health.

Though you may feel compelled to stay at your computer for 8 hours straight, you’re better off getting up and moving around every now and then. Get up and move every 20 minutes or so. And, don’t get so busy that you forget to eat lunch. Regular meals and healthy snacks in between will keep you sharp. Finally, be sure to clock out when you’re supposed to. With the lines between your professional and personal lives growing blurry, it’s crucial that you impose some boundaries while working from home.

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