4 Simple Acts of Kindness That You Can Do Today

Aesop once said that “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” Even in Ancient Greece, the importance of kindness was understood, and to this day, this has held true. Though our days can sometimes be filled with stress, fear, and anxiety, there’s always an opportunity to do something kind for someone else. Here are 4 simple acts of kindness you can do today – absolutely free of charge!

Share a social media post about a beloved local or small business.

Do you love your pet’s veterinarian? Have you recently stumbled upon a cool new coffee shop? Post about it on your social media platform of choice! Give these businesses a shout-out and you’ll not only help them with exposure, but you’re sure to make the person on the other end of the screen smile.

Tell a manager about a positive employee experience.

Most managers hear only complaints from the people who shop at their store or utilize their services. Flip the script and make their day by praising one of their hard-working employees. Not only will such a compliment make the manager beam with pride, but it could even lead to a raise for the employee.

Pick up litter in a public park or other recreational areas.

Do good for your neighborhood and the earth by taking a pair of gloves and a trash bag with you the next time you go to the park. Picking up litter that may be scattered in these places is a great way to clean up the environment while boosting the experience for other visitors.

Pay someone a compliment.

Everyone loves to receive compliments. Praising someone for their kind heart, their attention to detail and the like can go a long way in making someone feel appreciated. No need to reserve compliments for close connections, either – complimenting a stranger’s outfit or hairstyle can have the same effect!

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