4 Simple Ways to Tell Whether Your Life Is Too Busy

Between keeping your family life in order, striving for excellence at your job, maintaining as much of your social life as you can, and carving out time for some much-needed personal downtime, you could say that your weeks are busy. But, where do you draw the line between living a thriving, full life and being way too busy? Here are 4 easy ways to tell if you’re too busy, and should consider cutting back where you can achieve more balance.

You’re always scheduling things weeks in advance.

It’s normal to schedule things like doctor’s appointments and haircuts weeks in advance. But, if you’re always telling your friends that you can’t get together until weeks down the line, you’re probably much too busy. Try scheduling some free time alongside family and personal obligations so that you’ll have more room to say yes to impromptu plans. And, just say no to too many commitments. If you’re tied up every night and every weekend, see if there are some things you can eliminate from your calendar.

You never take time off of work.

You may believe that taking time off of work is a luxury that you can’t afford. However, working too much can set you up for burnout and keep you from taking the necessary time to enjoy your life. Try this simple test, if you’re unsure whether you “deserve” a day off. If you can’t remember the last time you had a day to do nothing, you are probably in need of a day off. If you have PTO, use it, and when you get away from your desk, leave it all behind. Don’t answer work-related calls or check your email inbox.

You’re guilty of multitasking most of the time.

If you feel like you never have enough time to devote to one activity at a time, you are probably way too busy. Multitasking may seem like a smart idea when you’ve got no time to do everything separately, but it can lead to reduced productivity and can make you feel overwhelmed. Not to mention, your family deserves to enjoy dinner with you at a time when you’re not also checking your email. Break the habit by doing one activity at a time. It will feel strange at first, but it will adjust your behavior over time.

You have a hard time focusing and enjoying the moment.

Smartphones may get a bad reputation for stealing our attention away from other, more important aspects of our lives, but many of us experience wandering thoughts and a loss of presence even when we aren’t using these devices. We may worry about the future and ruminate on the past. If you experience these types of anxious thoughts, seeking guidance for anxiety can help. It can also help to track your thoughts and pull yourself back into the moment whenever your mind starts to wander.

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