4 Cool Ways to Celebrate a Birthday Online

As we have witnessed time and time again, the current COVID-19 pandemic does not discriminate against birthdays, holidays, or any other reason we traditionally like to gather and celebrate. For that reason, you’re probably gearing up to spend your birthday, or the birthday of a friend or family member, behind the closed doors of your apartment home.

While we can’t deny that a virtual party will be very different from the usual in-person parties, it is possible to throw a virtual shindig that won’t bore your guests. Here are 4 great ideas, if you’re hoping to throw a birthday party online.

Host an Escape Room Party

Escape room parties have been a buzzworthy way to bond with friends and coworkers for years now, and now that we’re in a pandemic, this fun party idea has finally moved to the digital world. Yes, that's right – you can now hold an escape room party online. Check out Puzzle Break for options that will suit any age range you have in mind, whether it’s a party for a teenager or an older adult.

Throw a Group Game Night

Games are a mainstay of any birthday party. So, why not play them online with your attendees? Before you dust off the Monopoly board, though, consider virtual games, which are more interactive for your guests and are easy to play across apps like Zoom or Google Hangouts. Jackbox is the current industry leader, with options that span from word puzzles to murder mysteries and everything in between.

Make Jewelry Together

Everyone loves a fun activity, and when it comes to affordable and easy DIYs, nothing compares to simple jewelry. Of course, the activity can change based on the age group of your attendees, but the reasoning remains the same: giving your guests something to do that extends beyond chatting in front of a screen. You can even get the party started by sending guests the necessary materials in advance.

Try a Trivia Night

Virtual trivia offers a great way to engage your party guests and keep them on their toes. Much like real-life trivia, virtual trivia only requires one person to head up the activity by reading out questions and keeping track of answers. From there, attendees can take turns giving answers to questions about celebrities, current events, and anything else your guest of honor is interested in.

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