Spring Clean Your Finances with These Clever Suggestions

We may be nearing the close of April, but there is still plenty of time to spring clean your home, office, and even your wallet. Cleaning up your finances not only gives you a clear idea of where your money stands heading into the summer, but it also can help you identify any areas in need of improvement. Read on to discover three simple ways to tidy up money matters this season.

Review your credit report.

First things first – you'll need to pull up your credit report. Using a site like WalletHub or CreditKarma, look over your accounts and make sure there is no strange activity reported by credit bureaus. Remember, identity theft was prevalent last year, and a fraudulent account can tank your credit score if you aren’t careful. Give everything a good once-over and make note of any concerning information.

Start replenishing your emergency fund.

If you’re in a place to resume contributing to your savings account, now is an ideal time to get back on the wagon. Many people were forced to dip into these accounts during the pandemic, making it likely that yours isn’t as full as it once was. If you have the extra cash to do so, resume contributing to your accounts. You’ll feel better about your finances knowing that you have some money saved.

Eliminate or lessen your vices.

For some people, it’s alcohol, while for others, it’s online shopping. Whatever vice helped you through the pandemic, consider eliminating it – or, at least, cutting back. The truth is, booze, cigarettes, needless shopping, and other vices can cost you thousands of dollars each year. Even if you hold on to one other guilty pleasure, try to reduce one vice, and you’ll probably see more money in your checking account.

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