Turn Basic Water Into a Full-Fledged Health Drink with Any of These Add-Ins

Water is super healthy for you, but if you are like most people, you might find it hard to swallow glass after glass of pure H2O. After all, with its total lack of flavoring or carbonation, we understand if you aren’t tempted to get in your 8 glasses daily. Fortunately, you can transform plain water into something flavorful and nutrient-rich with these cool products, which are designed to be added to your cup or bottle of water for a nutritional boost any time of day.

Nuun Immunity Tabs

Price: $7.00 per tube

Even after the pandemic fully passes, it’s likely that we’ll still be consumed with all things immunity, including how to make ourselves more immune to illness. Nuun Immunity tabs are the perfect complement to your water bottle. Each tube comes with 10 effervescent tabs, which are packed with electrolytes, elderberry, echinacea, zinc, and vitamins A, C, D, and E.

Skratch Labs Anytime Hydration

Price: $23.00 for a 20-pack

Whether you’re pushing it to the limit at the gym, or on your feet at work all day, hydration is key to allover health and wellness. Get the job done properly with Skratch Labs Anytime Hydration. Created by sports physiologist and cyclist Allen Lim, Ph.D., you can trust that every product will be effective. Plus, each product is made with real fruit and doesn’t include artificial sweeteners or coloring agents.

The Republic of Tea Single Sips

Price: $20.00 for a 14-pack

Sip delicious tea beverages on the go with this genius “single sips.” The organic sips come in two different flavors – apple cider vinegar or daily greens – and are full of healthy herbs, including hibiscus, matcha, and spirulina. Simply add one packet to a bottle of water, or blend one sip into your morning smoothie for an extra nutritional boost.

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