How to Tell if Your Workout Routine is Working – No Matter What the Scale Says

Starting a new fitness routine and sticking to it consistently can be two completely different challenges. Many people find that joining a gym or purchasing new fitness gear is the easy part – the hard part comes when you must carve out time from your busy schedule to routinely work out. Then, comes measuring your results. After working hard all month, you jump on the scale to weigh yourself, only to find that the scale hasn’t budged. What gives?

Well, there are many reasons why you may not immediately see a change on the scale. For that reason, it’s best for you to stick with your healthy habits, taking heart to the fact that you will one day see the results that you’re after. In the meantime, check out these 4 signs, which should indicate to you that your fitness regimen is working and slowly building a healthier you.

You have more energy.

Now that you’re working out consistently, you aren’t nearly as groggy as you were before. You wake up in the morning with a fresh perspective, and when a friend suggests a challenging workout, you don’t shy away from it. You may also notice that you no longer need that 3:00 p.m. cup of coffee to get you through your workday. These are all promising signs that your body is in better condition than before.

You are committed to showing up for workouts.

Before, you could skip a workout and shrug it off. Now, if you fail to meet your pal at the fitness center, or get in your daily walk around the community, you feel disappointed in yourself. While you should always listen to your body and rest up when necessary, your commitment to your habitual workouts indicates that you are certainly on the right path.

You are more mindful of your eating habits.

It’s easy to indulge in processed foods when you’re unaware of just how high-calorie they are. When you begin to work out, you become hyper-aware of just how difficult it is to burn off an extra 500 calories. This will probably make you more aware of your eating habits, even if you still treat yourself to a cheat meal or snack every now and then.

You enjoy a deep, restful sleep.

Exercising can make you pretty sleepy. So, if you notice that you’re not spending your nights tossing and turning, you can chalk up that great sleep to your workout routine. You may also notice that, instead of staying up late watching TV or indulging in beers with friends, you prefer to hit the hay on the earlier side, so you can crush your workout the next day.

As the saying goes, knowledge is power – and, at Station 3700 Apartments in Euless, Texas, we couldn’t agree more! We hope that this blog has presented you with the valuable information that you were seeking out.

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