Celebrate the Upcoming Holiday with This Fun Leprechaun Trap Tutorial

Next week is St. Patrick’s Day – which means that Irish leprechauns are out and about, enjoying the spirit of their very own holiday season. Leprechauns are known to be tricksters and are more clever than people realize. So, if you want to capture a leprechaun, you can’t just seek one out and take it home – you'll have to catch it in a trap!

Making a leprechaun trap is a fun and easy way to celebrate the season with kids, grandkids, and other children. While we can’t guarantee that your family will catch a leprechaun this St. Patrick’s Day, we can say, without a doubt, that you’ll have a lot of fun in the pursuit of the hunt, when you try your hand at this kid-friendly Leprechaun Trap tutorial!

Step One: Build a Trap

Building a trap can be as simple or detailed as your child would like the process to be! You can opt for a clean tin can, a cereal box wrapped in green paper, or a cardboard box painted in festive colors. You can add a few special touches, like string or yarn, pom poms, or a ribbon tied into a bow to set your trap apart. In short, there’s no right or wrong way to build your trap. Just be creative – leprechauns love creativity!

Step Two: Add Bait

What’s a leprechaun trap without bait? So, don’t forget to add bait to your small contraption, to make sure that it lures and captures the magical creature. Coins, real or fake, are always a good option to catch their attention. Gold nuggets are another great option. Achieve the look by painting small rocks with sparkly gold paint.

Here are a few more tips and suggestions to help you get started:

1. Rainbows are good to use on or around your trap.
2. Leprechauns are also attracted to four-leaf clovers.
3. They tend to like Lucky Charms cereal.
4. No two traps should be alike or the leprechaun will get suspicious and leave.
5. A leprechaun may leave a trail of gold and/or green glitter, so watch for it.

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